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first_imgRe “Walter Reed scandal may shine spotlight on local VA” (March 10): I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran, who both gets his medical care at Sepulveda, and works there part time as a volunteer. Reading that article, I felt like I was standing beside Dennis McCarthy. Everything he said about Sepulveda is the absolute truth. Barbara Boxer sent me an e-mail response to my inquiry about what the Democrats were going to do about this now that they control Congress. Well, she’s sponsoring a bill requiring it to be fixed, and blaming the Bush administration. Believe me, these problems are older than both Bush administrations, with a couple of Clinton terms thrown into the middle. We need to keep the pressure on all of our federal representatives to make sure it doesn’t fade away before all of us old vets are gone. – Jerry Schwartz Granada Hills Read their lips Re “Ethics panel combs laws on lobbyists” (March 10): Measure R, the “ethics” measure with term limits that supposedly restricts lobbyists’ campaign contributions, has been debunked. The L.A. City Council duped the voters with this measure that has loopholes encouraging lobbyists to give council members even more money than before. It gives council members the ability to serve three terms instead of the two terms the previous measure allowed, and should have been correctly touted as a term-increase measure. As usual, like all the “ethics” measures from the City Council in the past, “R” is a self-serving scam. The next time any ballot measure is proposed by the L.A. City Council, ask yourself this – How can you tell when politicians are lying? It’s when their lips are moving. – John R. Schlank Granada Hills More loopholes Re “Ethics panel combs laws on lobbyists” (March 10): I see today where Measure R has loopholes to benefit the politicians. I often wonder what the intelligence level of the people that write these measure is … if they don’t watch out, one of these days they are going to write a measure that benefits the hardworking taxpaying citizen. If you believe that last sentence, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. The politicians in L.A., and all of California for that matter, are becoming more disgusting than ever, day after day. – Ray P. Keesler La Crescenta Whole Foods returns Re “Developer to seek city OK of smaller Whole Foods”(March 10): Bloggers and speakers repeatedly refer to opponents of the Whole Foods Rancho location, who by the way outnumbered proponents 2-to-1 at both public hearings, as “a vocal minority.” Now developer Tom Davies, having lost his appeal, returns to Burbank’s City Council having coincidentally reduced his original “60,000-square-foot or nothing” project to 40,000 square feet, the exact amount stated as acceptable by swing vote Councilman Dave Golonski. Is this another one of the opponents’ “perceptions of fear” as quoted by former councilman/mayor turned Davies’ lobbyist Michael Hastings? Nah, just another day’s worth of standard operating procedure at Burbank City Hall. – Dink O’Neal Burbank A little disappointed Re “The dealmaker” (Viewpoint, March 11): Thomas Elias sure hit it on the head when he said that Schwarzenegger donors get what they want. Every statement regarding Gray Davis’ fundraising has been a platform for Arnold to the high-rolling donors. The man who said that he would protect the people of California from the special-interest groups has done that – almost. One group still remains and this group is all the well-heeled donors. What happened to the man who made that promise? Unfortunately, the hypocrisy that manifests the governor’s agenda and words has cast a thin veneer of “Hollywood” over a state that deserves much more. An actor’s charm and promises have left many a little disappointed. – Ira Kaplan Woodland Hills Neocon Garza Re “Columnist runs for the border” (Viewpoint, March 11): Mariel Garza is not patriotically confused, but humanistically, intellectually and ethically challenged. Her statement, “It’s our tradition of exploiting every possible opportunity to better our lot in life,” describes the Dick Cheney neocon spirit, not all or most Americans. Throughout the world there are Mariel Garza opportunists, as well as greedy, exploiting dictators in power. Maybe these are the survival-of-the-fittest competitors in the game of life. – Elaine Wernet Northridge Bill fired first Re “Firing U.S. Attorneys” (Your Opinions, March 9): Correct me if I’m wrong, but, right after he assumed office, I seem to recall that President Clinton fired ALL U.S. Attorneys (except Michael Chertoff, then U.S. Attorney in New Jersey) with no explanation whatsoever. At the time it was just said that it was the president’s prerogative; but it begs the question: why would a president do such a truly unprecedented thing? Could he have been preparing for the future, what with illegal Chinese campaign contributions soon to be made public, or future “Bimbo eruptions,” etc., etc.? Nah, there’s no way that he could have known about any of that stuff. – David E. Mertens Granada Hills Short end of the hose Re “Campaign gas” (Your Opinions, March 11): On a recent trip to Dallas, I found that gasoline prices decreased as I went east – hitting a low in Texas. On the return trip, the reverse happened. Last fill was in Phoenix at $2.49 (regular, unleaded). On the same day in Granada Hills, I noticed $3.05 for that same gallon of gas. Would some politician explain to me why Californians are required to pay 56 cents more per gallon? Market forces at work? I don’t think so. Not 56 per gallon. Taxes? Taxes are about the same in both states. Why don’t you ask your California speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, or Senators Barbara Boxer or Diana Feinstein, or Governor Governator? That adds up to a huge amount of money we are paying in California that other Americans are not paying. – William Conroy Northridge ‘Living’ vs ‘Just’ wage Workers demanding a “living wage” has been in the news lately. My own ruminating has brought me to some conclusions. I think a “living wage” is the wrong focus. In reality it should be a “just wage.” A “living wage” is socialism at its best and a “just wage” is capitalism at its best. Failing to pay people an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work creates a slave class and paying them too much creates parasites. The first abuses the few for the benefit of the many (i.e. consumers) and the latter abuses the many for the benefit of the few. – Wayne McCormick Woodland Hills Profits above safety Between the spring equinox, March 21, and the autumn equinox, Sept. 23, days are longer and nights shorter. It makes sense to shift the “extra” morning daylight to the afternoon with daylight-saving time. But what about the daylight hours after Sept. 23? There is no extra daylight. DST sets our clocks for a later sunrise and darker mornings than standard time. Children have to walk to school as the rising sun is glaring into the eyes of sleepy commuters. Extending DST to well past September is dangerous. In 2005, the Republican-controlled Congress extended DST until the first Sunday of November, putting the profits of the barbecue industry above the safety of our children. – Bruce Joffe Piedmont 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more