Talk about ten days to build Baidu seconds collection site

was hard to force the programmer I started to do some companies from the 04 years, when the real writing program is very small, everyone on the website is not how to understand and interest, most people on the Internet just to stroll and find a small flash game. I was busy at the time, because the work efficiency and reputation has been good, so the customer is more, it seems most of the time in helping customers to do a website, but not to build a platform of their own. Until last year, I began to officially do their first site, played a special vulgar name called entertainment network. As a result of these years of experience accumulation, for Baidu like what kind of Web site and how to grasp the law, still some of their own understanding, chat with everyone, study each other. Now, the entertainment network has been sold, and has made a stop again, the name is more vulgar, "the biggest star network", do not laugh, I am serious. Declare that I am not a title party, "ten days to build Baidu seconds collection site", in fact, I have not used so many days, began to receive seconds. What about the end to the point.

select domain name

new sites in the choice of domain name, try to use the international domain name. I’m just saying that, as far as possible, I don’t mean I have to use, and try to use the new domain name. Only the new domain name to guarantee that there is a certain stage in Baidu K, if you can to use the old domain words, but when you buy the domain name must first call to the Ministry to check the domain name is pulled into the blacklist. I am on this issue made a serious mistake, an old name, 3 digital CN meters, I spent several months salary to buy over, then I notice has been pulled into the blacklist, you can not record in record time, if not then there is little under the condition of old. I will die in the South wall.

select host

, that’s a cliche. Now the cheap virtual host is everywhere, security really is not guaranteed, I have suffered. In order to save money, I put the customer’s website in the price is very, very low space, and then one day suddenly can not open, I contacted the space business, did not contact. Finally, I paid the full amount to the customer and suffered heavy losses. So advise everyone in the choice of the virtual host, do not just look at the price, depending on which provider is, stability is fundamental, spend dozens of dollars to buy a peace of mind for a long time.

selection program

programs are now using PHP, and a lot of open source programs, so I don’t have to. Must choose to generate static or pseudo static, after all, Baidu is still very concerned about these, but also pressure on your database smaller. Recommendation CMS is easy to use point..

template design,

program installed, you need to design a set of their own templates, no matter how to design, remember a little JS, do not use too often. Because now hundred!

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