Use personal experience to teach you how to speed up snapshot updates

do the optimization of this period of time, at the beginning of the most do not understand, also why others stand snapshot update so fast, and my station is really so slow. For a period of time, there is little experience I usually do link is mainly to see the snapshot and included, also met a lot of enterprise boss ask me update snapshot of the problem, their station snapshot slow more than a month, or even 08 years.

We usually say the

snapshot snapshot date refers to the web page, the Baidu snapshot is also Baidu update your web page snapshot date, the higher the frequency of updates that Baidu spider is love, the corresponding website rankings and included will increase. Baidu snapshot date determines the quality and rank of your station to a certain extent. Many links Commissioner also snapshot as the primary reference conditions, the importance of a great extent has exceeded the PR value. Here I’ll briefly explain how to speed up snapshot updates,

is actually because the snapshot update included the date, for several reasons we first talk about the effect of updates included: website content update, website update is mainly based on the spider often update included your site, if your site is not updated long-term content will lead to long after you go to climb the spider web site, and the people is the same, if a web site often have new and better content or attractive to you I believe you do not often go to the station which, even after go back to which station. So you were the first to do is to update the website content to adhere to the original update, content is king, no matter how much change the search engine algorithm is the most important, because they are of high quality content through search results for user loyalty.

second is the reverse link: including links and blogs and other backlinks. These are my blood and tears, just started doing this station at the beginning but also because of their early contact with SEO crazy looking for information on the Internet to listen to a lot of Master said that content is king, when you just this one station every day to see a lot of competitors in the analysis of top rated station links are few yes, almost No. Mistakenly believe that the content is really king, to do the content of the site, snapshots will continue to update, plus new sites, no PR and snapshot, change links are not good success. At that time, updated every day to add news 5, 6, so blind for half a month, or found Baidu snapshot update or slow, always slow for a week or so. With the gradual learning I know of the chain, began using the blog Links increase backlinks, adhere to the original update every day in addition, slowly raise the spider in my induced Baidu spider started to update my station every day, some time ago ranking suddenly from more than 100 to the first row, let I tread on air


these are my own SEO since the blood and tears of valuable experience, I believe there are many SEO novice here confused, share these to everyone, I hope to help you. With the help of admi>

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