QQ space log marketing creates a brand free lunch for you

QQ space log is a very large database, write the log in here, if you write well will be reproduced, when an article has been reproduced, your interest rate will be increasingly high, there are a lot of Amoy is the use of QQ space log to earn high Taoke expenses. But the role of the QQ space log is more than that. Many experts have shown themselves through the QQ space log. It can be said that QQ space is a window that can display itself very much. If you want to build your own team, or advertise your product, the knowledge of writing QQ space logs really needs to be looked at,


, let’s analyze some of the people who play QQ space. What about


is generally under the age of 30, and this group is characterized by "likes to try new things" and "likes to act and convey feelings."". That is to say, these people will try new things in the future have two times of their desire for new things and feel love is not only reproduced his diary, and love to the community, group, ring, chat room to tell her that to influence others, this group of people on the Internet is very great, they have enough ability to affect one or several circles of people, is what we call the word-of-mouth marketing. For such people, we should value them and learn to cooperate with them,

!People like

are concerned about updating the QQ space log. As long as your logs are updated and QQ programs have reminders, you can attract people to view your space logs. So what should we do to create a niche QQ log for ourselves:


niche QQ log has 3 such features:

1, it is the content of poly coking master will specify the log, the log is "sharpened";

2, its customers are a small minority, on the Internet, people who pay attention to their log content, not even 1%;

3, it is persistent, one year, two years without attention, three years, five years began to sound, ten years, eight years may be holding a golden doll,

The three features of the

niche QQ log are, in the context of the Internet, more powerful than the QQ space log of the general content. Online, you say you have 1000 articles about the "bidding training" article, five people outside the three won’t know; but if the search on the Internet, "PPC" "auction money" or "bidding tutorial", you can find the owner. Then, how to build your own QQ space log? Here is a summary of the following points:

1, every day to see the article on the industry, or to call friends, exchange information, access to fresh content;

2, every night to their knowledge points out, as the main body, surrounding the incident, excellent QQ > empty packaging;

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