How to use a month’s time to key words do Baidu home page

came to A5 for more than a year, going to write an article to share their experience of SEO times is not much. It’s not because of anything else, but it’s really busy. I’m sure we’re busy all day long as SEOER’s, of course, I mean, busy with SEO. Not only that, as we age, is not only the SEO, work, life, Taoxin say a word: the pressure is really Alexander! I often and my subordinates said: "don’t think he is the world’s most hard the most pitiful and unlucky person, want to know more than you hard than you bad" so, people thousands on thousands of when you think of giving up, refer to the words of my. In fact, life is need to experience everything, take girls are now looking for a boyfriend, sometimes choose a Jiacaiwanguan husband some of everything, not far to find a current poverty but fight the ideal husband, because, do not worry about food and good day wear will let you not find fresh in the sense of repeat years back in. Man, when one is at ease, he cannot sit still, and then comes the question. So life is just for tossing.

a month ago, my site on-line, the day on-line, the day Baidu included 1, and only in the domain name resolution after two hours included.

Maybe this

for master or own experience is not friends what, but here I should focus on, the aim is to give the fighting in the front line of the primary intermediate SEOER friends advice, if to be able to help you, I feel very honored! < / p>

a website must not rush on-line

some friends or bosses are more excited, like to see the formation of the site as soon as possible, and see the site successfully online. It seems that for them to successfully access the website by knocking www… Is a kind of satisfaction, and then to consider the optimization and promotion of things. Actually, that’s a big mistake,

: before the line on the website, fully repeatedly check the major sections of the site, such as navigation, subject, keywords set, tag writing, station optimization settings, check the link……. I have a website, do everything in preparation, on-line every two weeks, I used the two week for internal optimization modify the program settings, user experience and so on, follow up all the work, the result is on the line after the website operation smooth road. "Modaobuwukanchaigong" is more suitable for the current internet. Eager to act often backfire. Sometimes if one is not careful, a good idea of being found, catch up from behind it not worth more


two online, not eager to promote

After the

website is on-line, must maintain every day website original content to update. This is very important, and must insist, must not slack off.

new sites are very fragile, so the original content plus stable update is fragile, the only way to strengthen, and is the most basic.

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