How to grasp the plagiarism reference and innovation of product design

the current market is very impetuous, in the face of competing products and other parties from all sides of the pressure, a lot of time the product will say: "according to this interface for me to copy."." As a product design, it seems to sink in a variety of "copy". After all, this is not good for personal development. Recall their experience in doing projects, in fact, often accompanied by plagiarism and reference, of course, also have their own innovation, so I want to talk about the relationship between the three simple, new entrants to the students some reference.


plagiarism is mindless plagiarism,

copied this vocabulary itself is filled with derogatory, from childhood to copy homework, now many people copied articles, copy design, plagiarism means to achieve without thinking way directly to other people, the mechanical property of others will be forced to join their own, this is very dangerous.

first of all worth noting is that some of the basic structure design, pattern design, layout design, etc. are rules to follow, the rules should not be called "plagiarism", I believe we can reach a consensus. For example, when the navigation structure you want to design a product, you will find that there are Tab type, Segment type, the top side of Hamburg, bar and so on, so how to choose which kind of structure, should be based on the overall characteristics of your product to consider, and the optional structure, we can call the industry standard or platform specification.

is not plagiarism, carefully screened what content for your platform, only to see competing products or similar products in use, or the person in charge of the subjective form reasonable, derivative. So there are several risks:

The structure or design of the

1. is not applicable to the business logic of the product.

The business logic

of each product is not the same, they have different functions and structure of the depth of focus and visual interactive system: use the design method of the similar picture of the community in the electricity supplier product display is often not feasible, but also the forms may not be desirable in the To-do-list collaboration software. Even competing products, I believe that is also hoping to beat others by one of their own characteristics, and naturally it is unlikely to have a completely similar business logic, it can not be copied directly.

2. unless it is copied completely, the design of moving the product from each product will lead to the difficulty of forming a whole and can not make the user have a unified interaction and visual cognition.

product design is very particular about the whole feeling, and hope that all parts are organically combined, rather than mechanical piecing together. Some of the design is always in conflict with each other, such as there are two kinds of sliding gestures, a screen, will be very easy to cause the misoperation; sometimes a page into the product, found it totally misfits with other parts, such as micro-blog’s iPad client will call a pop-up browser to display web pages, let me crazy at.


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