Blog development can not be separated from regular updates

love of his site will have a dedicated blog, today we talk about why to often update your blog? If you need a station to get high traffic site, frequently updated blog posts and the number of its becomes more important, the simple answer is that if you are a non-profit website, often regularly updated blog, will increase the probability of Baidu included, to provide more convenient access to the love of your blog visitors, they during the visit, the blog, will provide better advice to the latest information on the blog according to the evaluation, enjoy the visitors for you to write in at the same time, your heart is also have a sense of accomplishment? Baidu included more accurate and frequent, good blog will make your blog more on the nomination.

familiar with the Baidu included people know, regularly update the high quality blog is not a burden, but a recognized achievement, look at the large blog did well today, for example, has a large number of visitors in the Moonlight blog at the same time, still insist that every day a blog acceptance at the same time the harvest visitors psychological blog, do not think the success is difficult. Here are five main points why you need to update your blog regularly.

1, fixed updates help Baidu search engine optimization,

SEO webmaster do a success or not, we must first understand what is the search engine, if you don’t even know this, that you are really OUT, you should spend some time Study hard SEO knowledge, understand the basic knowledge of it, when it comes to search engine optimization, it is prescribed a fixed update frequency not a massive release will be able to top, you only in strict accordance with the frequency of published articles, the search robot can regularly get the latest content in your blog, if you want to make the main keywords recent blog ranking, this is the fastest effective way.

2, constantly filling new content in order to retain fans

is a successful blog, no fixed fans come is no good, if you spend all your time and energy on the whole blog rankings, not in accordance with the fixed date update blog, update the content of your blog fans love to see love, gradually to your blog have disappointed. Even give up your blog, the final effect of this is a result of the blog traffic has sharply declined, there is no fixed fans and comments, good article is a waste paper, so keep fixed fan group as a successful blogger prerequisite.

3, regular updates can bring many high-quality backlinks,

The blog in his also high-quality many people

into your blog, they are browsing their articles of interest at the same time, will also take the initiative to collect and transfer some of their love to your blog, so you get the equivalent of a reverse link free, which blog webmaster do not want their blog reproduced by more people and the link >?

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