From Uber to Airbnb Silicon Valley nternet Co changed its way into China

this is a vast number of foreign companies with hope and come out of the market

"you’re ahead of us all around the world, but we’ll be more than one day."." This is CEO, Uber, CEO, Travis, ·, Kalanick (Travis). At least that’s what he said to the Wall Street journal last week.

‘s memories of Uber were completely different for the first time they met with rival CEO. "You inspired me," Cheng Wei told Kalanick in a friendly exchange, according to a Uber spokesman."

a "what you said" and "I didn’t say" argument was probably the fastest and most peaceful conflict between Uber. The competition between the two sides turned white hot after the announcement of the merger in February of this year.

has news that Uber is financing $1 billion for Chinese companies alone, giving the company a valuation of $7 billion. Although there are several versions of the rumored details, it is certain that Uber will introduce local venture capital in China and will be listed as an independent company in china.

it was an unusual move, with Uber’s parent valued at over $50 billion and no plans to go public.

, but Uber doesn’t have second quick rivals like this in the world. In February, the company announced a fast and fast merger, turning its business from a less profitable taxi to its own limousine. After completing $2 billion in financing in the summer, quick cash reserves of more than $3 billion 500 million have been made.

as Nick Karan earlier talked about: "China and other parts of the world are not so different." In Europe, South America and other places, the arrival of Uber often means that business competition is over, and the only challenge is local policy restrictions. In China, the biggest problem for Uber is the drop in speed, as well as the investors behind it, Tencent, Alibaba.

sets up relatively independent teams in China and introduces local venture capital…… These are the preparations Uber has made for China, and it is also a standard path for the new generation of Silicon Valley Internet Co to enter china. Evernote, LinkedIn, and Airbnb all use a similar approach.

‘s new approach to China

4 years ago, when Evernote entered into Chinese when CEO Phil · (Phil Libin); Libin said the first question is: "why do you think other technology companies have failed


2012, Evernote launched the "Chinese version of the product" impression notes". >

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