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[editor’s note] author Danielle Arad, a user experience expert, translator, @C7210. How to present a series of data content in a more friendly way, including articles, links, pictures, search results, etc. – this is not an easy task for designers.

in this respect, page navigation (pagination) is a time – proven, fairly trustworthy solution.

but in the last few years, we can find more and more websites began to use unlimited (infinite scrolling) way to present content, when users browse to the bottom of the page, the traditional sense of the "next page" data is automatically loaded, and output to the front page when.

is really a good model for some types of websites or mobile applications, but in some cases it can have disastrous consequences.

, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of unlimited scrolling.


effectively reduces the interface complexity and saves space: we no longer need bulky, complex page numbers, navigation links, or buttons.

on the touch screen devices, interaction is more consistent with the intuition that in the interactive environment for mobile applications, through the operation of rolling screen slide up has become the most basic user habits, but also need accurate operation is much lower than click the link or button.

The higher involvement of

: the interactive convenience brought by the above two points allows users to concentrate more on content rather than on operations, so that they are more willing to immerse themselves in exploration and browsing.


limited use case:

‘s infinite scrolling applies only to certain types of content in certain types of products.

, for example, in the electricity supplier website, users often need to switch between the commodity list and details page, in this case, the traditional way, with the page navigation can help users more secure and accurate to a specific list page.

additional complexity:


used to create unlimited JS library while claiming to be very easy to use, but you will always need to customize different degrees in their products, to meet your own needs; in addition the performance of these JS Library in the browser and device compatibility is also uneven, you must do the work well testing and adjustment.

goodbye, footer:

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