There are three keys to making a profit

first warned not to blindly get traffic, using traffic software, traffic alliance, hoping to hang some of these ads through the alliance to make money through traffic. This is the wrong idea. Be opportunistic and not do much.

The first point:

positioning, I said here is the position of doing their own professional, love, have the resources of the site, not necessarily a certain industry, industry segments can be subdivided, so for individuals and small groups can do a very professional, professional maintenance, new time, search engine love, love is the user.

, for example, if you like photography, the most professional is the camera selection and lens adjustment, shooting, etc.. What do a special screening for SLR camera and shooting skills website, do not think that the audience is small, so Chinese, users do not worry, just started doing only care about the website content, the user experience, each article do SEO optimization, the other not to think.

second: maintenance, here said maintenance is the website content updates and maintain site stability.

site stability is also a top priority, do not let the site can not open, access slow, or often access less. If you really do stand, do not choose too cheap server, choose a large service provider is expensive, but the service is more secure, it is recommended to choose multiple lines or CDN space.

website update, try to take half an hour every day, write original articles or find some related resources, to express their views, to visitors as a reference, the original users and search engines love, don’t say you can’t write, don’t care whether you are writing, care about you or not, like Baidu know answer questions, to help users solve problems, provide a reference. Hold on for 3 months.

third: insist, it’s more important, don’t want to do a website, see the traffic statistics every day, earn 1 months to maintain the site every day, when their children do not want to make money within 3 months, to make friends, like the usual love photography to know the network friends, to exchange each day long forum, everyone will know that you are very professional and other related sites are also willing to do a link with you, then do not remember advertising. When you have a certain ranking and traffic in Baidu, do not let your site have garbage content, network duplication content. Hold on for another 3 months.

six months later, you can now consider the money, then you need to do is choose what advertising can be Google, Baidu, Amoy, Ali mother etc.. Advertising is not many, but in essence. A page is best not more than 3, with pictures and text collocation, collocation of the content to be more relevant, not this lens, where advertising display sell rice cooker, which reduces the quality of the entire site, if the Google and Baidu advertising, your website is not high, you can choose to Amoy the promotion of goods, then you can find those who specialize in SLR shops, high commission, good quality and reputation.

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