Six misunderstandings that local forum needs to pay attention to

with discuz and phpwind version of the upgrade, the real community has become more and more popular, the forum set up in the process of development, the mutual communication between users and needs not only, need more attention need to be paid attention to in setting the problem of development, do not pay attention to it, it may work not completed.

1, forum community is too quiet,

is not some quiet for the forum, the forum is the exchange place, if many people are silent, or let the community users feel any of the contents of the issuance of No one shows any interest in, no echo, no one responded, so, as can be imagined, who also do not take the time to this website, the forum community must be prosperous when, even false prosperity but also to some.

2, the forum community has no charisma figure

this person also does not need much, but at least to have great appeal in the forum, let more people gather under the command of this task, the user can inspire, interact, they can gather a large number of people in the community, to contribute to the long-term development of the community.

3, ignore the faithful fans

in the ForumThe development of the

forum can not only rely on a few people, this forum is not far away, any forum community cannot do without loyal fans, this kind of loyal fans as an administrator, should pay attention to their ideas, their opinions, and respect their suggestions are given, if possible, this batch of loyal fans is likely to become the mainstay of your forum.

4, the

was not conceitedThe development of the

forum to loyal fans, also need to have the appeal of the blood, but, as was not too autocratic, as a forum for the exchange of occasions, people need to keep your standards, but not too hard, after demanding to let more people dislike for members of the forum, they have countless the choice, not necessary to be faithful to you.

5, forum without user interaction,

as a local forum, more important is the line of communication, these interactions are bidirectional, mutual recognition, can achieve good effect, gathering line, line interaction, these are also some and we must have, not regular activities, not only can attract users, development to better promote the popularity of the forum.

6, forum ads do not stifle the handling of

forum to many false prosperity of their forum, forum for advertising it in the course of time, also appeared in advertising, a pile of each section or advertising, this will cause a lot of user’s resentment, they do not need another everywhere Advertising Forum, a waste of time, Adsense encyclopedia in the Forum on the point of doing well, if the advertising forum, then we must be determined to kill, but not.

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