Talking about the legality of homosexual websites

              my comrade website, for a period of time operation, common friends ask me this question, gay websites are legal? There are some IDC service providers, a look at my station are gay website, also refused to serve us then, a legitimate homosexual website? I analyze with you.

the existing law whether to allow gay? There are no laws to protect gay rights? This is a difficult question to answer, the industry consensus is that the existing law neither said nor allowed not allowed, but a variety of specific practices and social some unwritten rules, it is difficult to make gay people enjoy the same rights and common people. Between homosexuals and the ordinary people, it crosses the double barriers of reality, rules and morals."

my view is that homosexuality in China’s not illegal, but the law does not recognize same-sex marriage, do not enjoy the legal rights of marriage, nor bear its legal obligations, such as gay couples do not want to have legal inheritance rights, do not assume legal obligations between husband and wife. If homosexuality isn’t illegal, then gay websites don’t go against the law, of course.

of course, in our country, because of the traditional view, homosexuality is still a sensitive topic, but the network according to the relevant provisions of China, no provision that homosexual website is not allowed, but if your site appears obscene content, political content. That must be against the law. Many of our gay websites have been shut down, mostly for that reason, rather than saying you’re gay.

              vote: do you think the "gay" website is legal?

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