My half a year to do the station feeling touch

optimization of the word, perhaps in the past many years came out, and indeed started in the two or three years. In November, 08, began to contact, perhaps, learning to optimize this thing, learned a lot of things.

station is also tired, not tired, look at what you do, if done carefully, to stand as their children, so even in the tired, you will not feel tired, if not last long, is "three minutes heat" or "anxious", as I so, even if the effect is not hard.

, I don’t know why I wrote this article today. Maybe I have the idea of not being a station anymore. It’s a way to end the article and end the life of the webmaster. Do stand up to now, just half a year long, a lot of people on the network, but the real Shenzhen, the real difficulties can help on the 2, 3, I am very grateful to them, and I also admire them, they can have a steady heart, do what things are not like me this kind of anxious


do the station, there are professional programming people, there are professional IDC people, but also professional B2B, B2C, C2C people, these classes have a lot of very cattle people, unfortunately, did not recognize one or two. Do the station, there are also installed B, the real cattle B, as well as SB. SB webmaster has been installed B, but every time is not successful, but harm themselves, so they became SB, the obvious example (for example: Links exchange, buy links, selling links, you have demonstrated how to buy or not to buy, want to sell or not to sell them. But the compulsory video, be pestered beyond endurance, 10 times a day, 20 emails like. In fact, we are bored, but they do not bother.

because they have a purpose, just for that purpose. I think most people don’t like it very much. B owners accounted for the majority, yes, everyone has a strong heart, want to let others know how how cattle B, do stand how much, which keywords row of Baidu home page first, at the same time and say the way out of their website address to show off a turn, if you look at the Baidu ranking as what he said, then he successfully installed B, B directly into the cattle industry, if not others see his website, so he installed B failure, directly into the SB industry (many people sometimes installed B, including myself, have a strong heart, have the pride of a person on the one hand some people admire, I think most people are in love. No one doesn’t like being admired. The cow B people not to install B, but also disdain to install B, they can only pretend to be SB, have a chat with a friend called "fate" fortunately, he is a person I have ever seen the optimization of the most powerful, one person in this station is I really admire, admire my heart. He told me that he can guarantee a hot keyword, he can use the new station within GOOGLE5 days to the top three, and remain unchanged for one month,


proved that he made a popular novel keyword in second days

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