Webmaster please don’t lose your way

to do a long time station ah, about 6 and a half months since I started to do, happy, happy a new way appeared in the later is simple to learn, learning a period of exposure to the SEO it’s pretty fun, but also to learn SEO, first hand stand on the matter, SEO learned one or two months without what success, is a successful case, maintain a few days later, no one has to search my station now has changed several times, now is probably half-dead, is thinking about how to save? Here is the teacher advise everyone to do site do stand, follow the prescribed order of step by step, even if you go to learn SEO, learn some of what thing? We must focus on the station on their own, put on the website users never lost at the end of his website to do Don’t you know,.


said these words also warned me, if one day you lose yourself, do not know what is it? You think the first step, the site of the second step, the third step is what? Don’t rush to the immediate interests, even if others soon earned money, you must set up, don’t lost like before I open the http://s.r-sh.cn as you go,


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