The forum should pay attention to the crucial monetary policy

recently, I read a lot of friends about the operation of local forums. In the focus of the operation, we are focused on the following aspects:

1: site SEO, this is indeed very important, there are people in the rankings;

2: offline activities, only to stick to the user.

undeniably, these two points are important, but I did not find a friend talking about "money", that is, the virtual currency of the forum. We all know this, what is to maintain a society? Of course is the economy, political economy in a universal sentence fit all, that is the economic base determines the superstructure, the forum as a small virtual community, or the social life of the online version, we also pay attention to is not the "the importance of monetary policy"


so what can monetary policy do to our forum,


1: strict monetary policy, so that members of the forum can be passionate, dynamic, participate in the forum posting and reply, in order to achieve more virtual currency reserves;

2: a good forum financial system, to support the activities of the forum held, such as points for things, points, sweepstakes, etc.;

3: a good financial system is more difficult to make the forum work well. Members recognize that the virtual currency will become more rational and thoughtful when it comes to the important role of the forum.

so what would happen if the financial system, the forum for monetary policy failure,


1: if the monetary system is not perfect, cannot with various activities linked up to a combination of online and offline, such as you participate in offline activities, to participate in the forum can be points, but your money is not important, so they are not active.

2: when chaos forum set up financial system, will lead to "gap", which will lead to a few active members have a lot of wealth, and the other by the forum unattractive people without money, so that any activities are not held because of your prize most people don’t expect.

therefore, as a forum administrator, must set up the forum financial system from the start, grasp the monetary system, monetary good member of the forum into action, and maintain the healthy operation of the forum of the financial system, and ensure that we as long as with others like to participate, you can get the same value, not the gap is too large, so that we can maintain good functioning of the financial system, financial system and good will, in all kinds of activities play a huge total, and promote the enthusiasm of members, to nurture the forum.

note: This article from the Chinese agricultural talent network, reproduced please specify


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