Open the store must have some money

for people interested in all kinds of sports, so the football shop market, whether it is football related products are football sportswear also novelty all have an excellent sales, so the football specialty stores can make a profit.

since 1994 a nationwide Football League football, rising all over the country, more and more fans. In 2002, for the first time the World Cup held in Asia, the surge of passion of the fans, although China football is not a world class, but the fans of football is still passionately devoted.

but should be engaged in the affordable shoes, especially all kinds of high quality and inexpensive ordinary football shoes; football, with high-quality domestic football, and the dedication of fans daily, Sports Weekly, the city evening news and other sales, readers of newspapers, magazines, books and other football clubs; foreign team, souvenirs, family portrait posters and pictures, autographs, football jerseys and other (perhaps these things to sell an extra surprise).

location and Investment:

marketing recommendations:

to run the football specialty shop, should pay attention to create atmosphere, for example: the decoration can be made into a shop front arched door, drawing a hexagon black and white blocky football, football lock valve core.


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