Chutian public space in the Han opened the wings for entrepreneurs

the majority of entrepreneurs are actually need to have a good entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial space, recently, Chu Tianchuang began to build passenger space in Hubei, will focus on the construction of some new entrepreneurial projects, expand people’s entrepreneurial thinking.

28 day, by the Hubei daily media group, CO Innovation Fund Management Co., Ltd. jointly set up the Chutian public space in the Han inaugurated. The platform will provide entrepreneurs with financing, business incubation and other one-stop service to support a number of entrepreneurial projects with market prospects.

Chutian public record space from the 2 floor of the Kokusai Hotel Chutian Guangdong "hackerspaces" and the 19 floor of the "fortune Salon" together, the total planning area of 900 square meters. The platform for enterprises to provide free office space, entrepreneurs can bag settled. At the same time, invite investors as mentors for business counseling, to provide financial, legal and policy advice, through regular project roadshow, industry and other high-end salon activities, provide extensive connections for entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas.


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