Hubei’s first passenger space in China Three Gorges University Library

create a passenger space in today’s society is of great significance, because in such a period of public entrepreneurship, in some of the campus to create a passenger space, can play a very good role in promoting entrepreneurship.

9 2, by the China Three Gorges University library, School Youth League, library X coffee together to create a space to build the China Three Gorges University library X coffee college students create a guest space in the library inaugurated. This marks the first in Hubei province by the institutions of higher learning and professional innovation and entrepreneurship platform to create an innovative college students create a passenger space was officially settled in China Three Gorges University.

"Yichang maxspace College" by the China Three Gorges University library and the school committee led by leveraging the Hubei first innovative social incubation platform, Yichang’s first pure Internet thinking chips cafe coffee – X library resource integration is completed, in the library of our school two floor B District, covers an area of nearly 1000 square meters. In the cafe as a carrier for college student entrepreneurs to provide low-cost, open business platform for the purpose, in order to make the venture capital industry chain, to build a benign channel of entrepreneurs and investors exchange and cooperation for the purpose of the college students maxspace, our students will effectively create a new situation of innovation and entrepreneurship.

will combine the University Library and some hackerspaces, can complement each other to produce resources at the same time, can also go to college students with good entrepreneurial learning opportunities for the whole society to take the final full of entrepreneurial resources.


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