nternet plus financial innovation forum in Weifang curtain

now the whole society are actively promoting entrepreneurship, some entrepreneurial activities as the theme activities around are constantly trying to attract some entrepreneurs eyeballs, held in Shandong Chinese "Internet plus financial innovation summit.

28 morning, Chinese (Weifang) "Internet plus financial" entrepreneurial innovation forum officially opened in Weifang Wanda pullman. The famous economist Guo Kesha Chinese, Chinese Social Sciences Institute of industrial economics of industrial organization research director Liu Jiejiao, researcher at the Ministry of Finance and the State Scientific Research Institute Zhang Peng, the State Council Development Research Center of market economy research institute assistant director Wang Qing, gold dragon clothing holding group general manager and CEO Ursula, Shandong Xincheng executive president of the chamber of Commerce Ying Changqiang in 500 companies and industry experts and business representatives attended the forum.


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