Zhejiang economic circles to seriously study the two unwavering the three did not change

has a general secretary of encouragement, I believe that Zhejiang will be more active in the work of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also played a guiding effect for the entrepreneurial youth in Zhejiang has brought a better entrepreneurial atmosphere.

The general secretary

Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher:

background of the supply side reform, powerful winfore environment will continue to rely on the capital market, deepening enterprise management ideas, and gradually build a level of competitiveness of the country and the world for enterprises, Zhejiang enterprises to the world contribute!


the provincial chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce has long been encouraged to return home, such as investment Angie Katie cat homes, was founded in Lishui City, the first construction fund, the first Municipal Chamber of Commerce building, and actively guide the member enterprise charity donation.

A key requirement to solve five major problems of the speech of general secretary

Hangzhou recommendation

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