Talk about joining the catty large pelvis bone what

in our daily life will always see a lot of strange and eccentric name, according to the homophone name always can attract public attention, at least in the first pass to win the attention of consumers. Talk on the heavy bone pelvis is such a franchise brand. Talk on the heavy bone pelvis belonging to the Henan figure Restaurant Management Co., dedicated to provide customers with innovative technology and catering solutions, is the first in order to "eat lunch West" as business philosophy concept, the new Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, bar three with the management of enterprises.

joined the catty large pelvis bone on what are the requirements?


restaurant has solid strength and rich experience in restaurant chain management team in project development, development, management, distribution and management in a body, and always adhere to the market through repeated demonstration, study, practice, and flexible to meet the needs of customers in different regions and the pursuit of rapid innovation. In 2014, while the "spring breeze" era of micro micro catering, catering back to copy the success of "talk on the heavy chain of pelvis bone" new projects,

set sail!


kg in the pelvis bone on bone on the food taste delicious, flavor and flavor, crisp flesh. The characteristics of taste, nutrition and health materials, fresh features, so delicious, how can people not talk! The catty large pelvis bone, new street snacks mainstream, hunger breeds discontentment, food to taste first.

talk about the bone on the following conditions:

1, investors have the ability to act independently, hard-working, good moral character, honest and trustworthy citizens.

2, with our brand culture, business philosophy and cooperation.

3, investors love our industry, and have a firm conviction and full of enthusiasm for this struggle.

4, have certain management ability and financial strength.

Innovation on

bone on the pounds by large pelvis R & D division, the creation of new models, new feeling, the secret recipe, to create a leading fashion secret large pelvis new, delicious and healthy, with its fresh and vivid brand image, is to promote all people nowadays love bone bone prerelease hot wave.

such a good venture capital projects you are still waiting for something, quickly join it!

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