O2O enterprise is how to develop in the three or four line city

many people think that O2O enterprises can survive only in a big city, in fact O2O company in the three or four line of the city can be fast, attracting investors attention, so they in the end is how to do it?

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some around the community entrance from the retail, mother, property, some segments of the population around the students, carry out the classification, distribution, service and so on, can be said to Beijing. A new mode of promotion, every 1 months, has received a similar pattern of business plan. And not only learn from some of the new model, that is, at the beginning of the venture have copied a lot of media publicity to start the model, the model business plan regionalization, and then take the business plan to find a direct investment.

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line in theory very much at home, but in order to more improve the single customer contribution and profit, did not rely on the original channels of cooperation and win-win, but the self built terminal to improve the profit and the customer response speed. The terminal building and the construction of its own logistics bring great enterprises operating pressure: the rent and decoration, delivery vehicles, fuel consumption, personnel, information system, all this means that the time spending, and weight of this model when the enterprise expands to 5 of its own stores, the founder of recommendation

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