How to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows products

consumer demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows products are still large, more and more related products on the market, the choice has become more difficult. If you want to choose the right product should pay attention to what the problem? Let’s look at the small series together.

a, aesthetics

1, windows and doors decorative surface can not have obvious damage and scratches, the surface of the protective film can not scratch scratch.

2, windows and doors on the adjacent components can not have obvious color difference, otherwise the impact of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows of the surface aesthetics.

3, aluminum powder, grease and stains such as burr, should not appear on the surface of high-grade Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, Aluminum Alloy by screws and screw connection combination, Aluminum Alloy surface can not be installed after the exposed nail hole much.

two, the smaller the size of the smaller the better

in general, high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows frame slot width, height should be less than 2000mm, the allowable deviation is in the range of ± 1.0mm, and the positive side of the door window frame verticality within 2000mm, allowable deviation is less than 2.0mm.

high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows to join the business to buy products note three, material requirements to achieve

strength: the tensile strength of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows should reach 157N/ mm2, yield strength of 108N/ mm2.

Flatness: aluminum alloy surface should be smooth without depression or bulging.

gloss: high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows on the surface can not have blisters and ash, these two kinds of impurities in the aluminum alloy as white and black spots.

oxidation: aluminum alloy surface will be coated with a layer of oxide film, the oxide film should reach 10 microns thickness.


Aluminum Alloy doors and windows products purchase is the need to focus on key issues mentioned above, if you want to find good products then come to see it, analysis of product quality, do not spend a high price to buy defective.

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