What are the names of the coffee shop strategy

although the name of the shop is not good to do, however, as long as we can grasp the relevant strategies, the name can also become very easy. So, what are the names of the coffee shop strategy? Let me see small series for your detailed analysis.

coffee shop named strategy: easy to recognize, readable and easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to write

The name of the

coffee shop must first understand simple words; be easy to understand, with abstruse obscure, archaic words don’t obscure words; to simple strokes, easy writing and printing, with complicated strokes do not, it is difficult to identify or have been out of the word, word pronunciation loud talk to waste; music aesthetic feeling, to avoid is full of difficult and unpronounceable words and tones; in addition the name of the text is also not too long.

coffee shop name strategy two: name one, to avoid contradictory

the name of the coffee shop from a side to reflect the characteristics of a commodity, this feature should be a certain connection with the commodity, and should not be the name of the goods and do not match or damage the image of goods.

coffee shop named strategy three: grasp the characteristics of the key

coffee shop name is very short, can only show the characteristics of a certain aspect of the commodity, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of key points.

coffee shop named strategy four: to consider the psychological

coffee shop has a certain consumer object, named to consider consumer psychology to win the market.

coffee shop named strategy five: name to have a sense of beauty, there is a moral

The name of the

coffee shop must have meaning, beauty, let the customer and enhance the grade of the store by name.

a suitable name for any one of the shops will have a very important role in the development, although many operators are aware of this, but can not do a good job. So, with a small series of the above introduced strategy, and now if you open a coffee shop, you know how to name it?

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