Graduation on entrepreneurship

is a lot of college graduates to work out of the season, with the increasing number of college students now entrepreneurs, graduated on the phenomenon of entrepreneurship is common, then, graduated from the business? Might as well listen to college students how to say!

face "two rich generation" to start preparing

entrepreneurship really so simple? Normal School of mathematics and computer science, Lee said that he has now accumulated a number of capital, including the ability to reserve, networking and funding, but still need to be cautious about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a bit like gambling, the key is to confirm that they can not afford to lose." He said, now the school held a variety of lectures, invited entrepreneurs who are successful. After all, they are just the lucky army, more entrepreneurial failure, has long been quietly disappeared in people’s vision. So we have an illusion, as if the venture is simple and attractive. In fact, we need some of the lessons of the failure of entrepreneurs predecessors."

IT industry is still the first choice for college students

3G is about to start testing the waters in some cities, what are the future trends in wireless applications? Mobile Internet technology development trend? What qualities do college students need? In March 27th, 3G portal CEO Zhang Xiangdong in Fujian Normal University, Fu, Nongda held a "goodbye ideal" entrepreneurship lectures, more than and 500 students of the Fuzhou University have put forward their own problems in the lecture, and a few years ago, the Internet industry enthusiasm of college students entrepreneurship ifheavier, IT industry has become the world a lot of college students Lab ( the first choice for business.

"regardless of how the business day, it is now up to the first.

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