Standing on the shoulders of giants to see higher to avoid detours in the early stages of entreprene

experienced entrepreneurs who will have their own feelings and experience in the entrepreneurial process, in the early stages of the venture to go, and now think of these are the accumulation of a wealth of life. It had no business to business people should not blindly entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is risky, that everyone knows, especially the problem in the early days will encounter a variety of There’s no telling, everything is hard in the beginning, we need to constantly sum up their entrepreneurial experience, continuous learning, can help us avoid detours in the early days. The whole network Xiaobian to tell you a few examples of successful entrepreneurs, I hope these experiences can help entrepreneurs start early the four walk less detours.

A: detour case: Mr. Wang is the city flower earlier involved in renting business entrepreneurs, he in the early days to participate in entrepreneurship training, and puts forward a lot of entrepreneurial ideas to the teacher, but have been entrepreneurial counseling rejected, the reason is very simple: good ideas, the market demand is not high. Finally, advised him to choose flowers renting business, because the market demand gradually highlights, many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, enterprises began to such business outsourcing, began to focus on "professional to professional people to do".

as the creative market demand

two case: detours: Zhang Jianqiu is a university graduates in our city, go to work later found in many enterprises will use the welding gun, but in the actual operation of frequent switch ignition, debugging air flow significantly degraded the work efficiency, increase security risks. So, Zhang Jianqiu used the knowledge of University of the welding gun for debugging and modification of design, automatic ignition, gas welding gun such devices and national patent, with the core technology of the investment in a continuous line telephone every day. Has now developed dozens of samples into the factory trial, won a high rating, ready for large-scale production.


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