Treat customers seriously

is a character, because some are busy, many shopkeepers caused a little careless when dealing with the customer, the owner may not have felt, but for the customer is greatly respected, it could reach the customer churn. So, if you want to let the shop business is hot, treat customers can really be serious.

I often go to a barber shop barber, basically to go once a month, not only I go, I also took his son to go, and sometimes also recommended to friends and family. However, when I went to get a haircut, the barber was different. He was always absent-minded when he cut his hair, while chatting with other people, he kept laughing. This can also be endured, after all, his barber skills.

, but he finally forgot a link, which makes me very angry. No matter how careless, but can not lose the basic link of the barber. From then on, I didn’t want to go to his shop to have a haircut. Not only did he lose the customer, but also his reputation.

After this

thing, I was filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, I am also a retail shop owner, I will face a lot of customers every day, and I always think that the respect for the customer is extremely important, can not let customers see my careless attitude towards him. However, there are a lot of retail owners do not pay attention to personal habits. They often in the reception of customers, playing mobile phones, chat, so that customers have bad mood. Therefore, we must get rid of the careless attitude.

since then, I’ve been paying special attention to my status. In the reception customer, I always put the customer first, will not play mobile phone sellers side. There was a storekeeper due to careless, results received a counterfeit money, the moment he either, but who doesn’t make you serious? As the saying goes, one can not use the two, we have to do things seriously.

strolling with great care seems to be a problem, but in fact it may cause a lot of mistakes, which will leave an impression on customers. Some retail owners, due to careless, to the wrong customer money, or take the wrong goods, there are more serious problems. Now the customer requirements more and more high, so we must learn a lesson. Therefore, if you want to open a hot shop, the customer can be very serious oh.

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