Glen Newcomer, May 22

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A lot has changed in the last two weeks. This last week was tremendous. We had the opportunity to get in and plant every day. We are at 85% complete on both corn and soybeans. We were very fortunate that the heavy rains went south of us and we were able to put in six consecutive days. The conditions we planted into last week were nearly perfect. The ground dried out quickly and that allowed us to get a lot of crops planted.The earlier crops really surprised us. They did emerge in spite of the fact that they had heavy rains and cold temperatures. Looking at the fields, I’d say 90% is out of the ground this morning and with the rain we received over the weekend I think the rest will emerge. If we have to replant anything it will be a surprise to me.In Northwest Ohio, though, there is a tremendous amount of replanting going on. In areas that received heavy rainfall, the crusting in combination with the rapid drying created a bad scenario for corn and soybeans. Corn was emerging underneath the ground and soybeans had too heavy of a crust to allow emergence. We were fortunate we did not have soybeans planted at that time.On Friday we got a half-inch at our place and only a tenth down south. We were lucky and we were able to go again Saturday. Because of high temperatures and ideal conditions, soybeans and corn we planted a week ago are mostly at ground level and emerging.Pest-wise there have been some Asiatic garden beetles on some of the lighter soils in northwest Ohio, but other than that nothing is standing out. There is a lot of concern about armyworn populations and we are hoping we don’t have to deal with that issue.We had a window of opportunity this last week and we capitalized on it. I felt very good about the progress we made in the timeframe we had. There is a lot of variability in the area and we have been fortunate.last_img

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