Truck owners advised to secure vehicles

This photo from the Niagara Regional Police shows a stolen truck stripped by thieves.Members of the Brock community are urged to protect their vehicles in light of an auto theft ring at work in Niagara.The Niagara Regional Police is warning of an organized crime auto theft ring stealing several vehicles, particularly GMC Silverado Pickup Trucks and GMC SUVs, including Denalis, Yukons and SS Trailblazers.Such vehicles have recently been targeted at Brock, said Mayla Parrent, assistant director, Campus Security Services.A high-end SUV was stolen in December, and as recently as last week, there was another attempted theft of a high-end vehicle from a Brock parking lot. The theft was interrupted by the owner walking out to his vehicle and catching someone in the act. The suspects sped away before they could be caught, Parrent said.“We are not immune to these types of thefts,” she said. “Taking steps to prevent your vehicle from being stolen stops you from becoming the victim of a crime.”Police suggest the following:owners installing “kill switches” in their vehiclessecuring a “club” on steering wheels whenever the vehicle is parked, including in the drivewayGPS devices do not always assist officers in locating stolen vehicles, police said.In a recent theft caught on video in Niagara, police saw a thief enter a locked vehicle and leave the parking lot area in 20 seconds.Quick links:• Niagara Regional Police media release• Campus Security

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