Fuyang real excited activity to promote universal venture management

the era of innovation and entrepreneurship has now come under a background that entrepreneurship has become a lot of people in one thing, to do is carry out at the same time, local governments introduced a number of measures to promote the entrepreneurial activities.

to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Fuyang city for 4 consecutive years to carry out "take you home" activities, and vigorously promote the employment of migrant workers returning home this year, 16 thousand new local employment, nearly 1000 people home business. Currently, the city’s total of 91 thousand migrant workers to return home to start business, founded the economic entity of the more than 50 thousand, driven by employment of about 800000 people. The city conscientiously implement the opinions on the development of the private economy, organized by thousands of companies helping activities, and effectively help enterprises solve the employment difficulties, financing difficulties and other issues. In the first half, the private economy to complete tax 6 billion 480 million yuan, accounting for revenue of $61.7%. The introduction of the "opinions" on further promoting the reform of commercial system, simplifying the registration of the registered capital, the implementation of "three in one".

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