What are the conditions to join Sinopec gas station

now, the car market, has been very hot. Followed by Sinopec gas station project, is also very advantageous. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join Sinopec gas station project, is a very choice of business opportunities, quality projects, the success of venture worthy of trust!

Sinopec gas station?

Sinopec gas station to join the conditions? Sinopec gas station is belonging to the state-owned enterprise, there is no way to join the open, want to start a Sinopec gas station requires a lot of conditions, investors must have stable oil supply channels, signed a supply agreement with the wholesale business of refined oil business qualification of enterprises, also need to comply with local industry development planning gas station, gas station design and construction in accordance with relevant national standards; at the same time, gas station construction also need to comply with the relevant provisions of the state land management, fire safety, environmental protection etc.. Sinopec gas stations also need to have the operation of the oil product testing, measurement, storage, fire safety and other professional and technical personnel.

is now opening Sinopec gas station is not directly to the group to apply to the local development and Reform Commission but submitted an application to application of the feasibility study report, content mainly includes the basic situation of the investors, gas station location, the scale of investment and construction budget, market and economic benefits analysis. And then wait for approval step by step.

small business, home to choose Ze to join Sinopec gas station? Good quality projects, the success of entrepreneurial projects, it is worth you have. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up! Come and leave a message!

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