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in line with consumer tastes of food, always very business opportunities. Only one? Brand join the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. In fact, this was a small entrepreneurs choose to join the project, open their own as a store, the shop is made!

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in the country has a high visibility, is used in the form of chain operation, every meal carey collocation, not only unique flavor, is healthy, now a guest has been successy operating for ten years, has become the industry leader, with a menu the rich, even if people often eat will not eat.

‘s a menu is divided into several series, a package, are the main signs of boiled meat, pickled beef Double cooked pork slices, and so on, the second series is a pot, beef pot, scent of old Chongqing chicken dry pot and so on, and Western-style food series, porridge series, snack series and so on, every day of the food supply are not the same, but the headquarters will be according to the seasons change, food collocation, nutrition is more comprehensive.

joined with one? Brand strength, no worries. If you have a heart, to join the project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on! Taste delicious food, is also very happy, isn’t it?

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