The magic pot Market Prospects Fang joined the

as everyone knows, people are like flavor delicacy, spicy pot as a snack food market highlights, and won a lot of chowhound heart magic square pot spicy hot pot to join now become a good selection of brand entrepreneurs, magic square pot of spicy pot taste delicious, mouth feeling superior, can make food the wealth of business opportunities.

[magic pot pot spicy hot pot]

magic square pot spicy hot pot is derived from the Tujia mountain classic delicious, high-quality ingredients will be all over the country gathered a pot, exclusive secret spices pot fried, spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, Ma lingering taste, aroma unique advantages, such as a spring serious moment of incense pot in the industry the products are homogeneous, give consumers find everything fresh and new choice. Magic pot square incense pot system will be hot pot, the pot of delicious combination, known as the fried out of the pot, is another hot pot after the opportunity to make money.

[magic pot pot spicy pot to join advantage]

advantage: the country’s original "six stores one" model – spicy pot roast wings porridge, six shop one earner.

advantage two: exclusive with the original level of top secret formula, taste alone will never get angry – punch blow fake pot".

advantage three: the original "free order, mix and match consumption" model – one by one to improve the rate of 200% orders, improve the rate of return of 100%.

advantage four: the latest launch of the first popular hot pot and hot pot after the edge of scalding hot pot of innovative consumption patterns.

[magic pot joining process]

1. joins a consultation – 2 join in to apply for – – the agreement of the 3 signs – – join in training of 4 – – the opening of business of the 5 – – try business – – 7 normal business.

is characterized by delicacy, magic square pot of spicy pot of spicy and delicious, but not irritating, now magic pot Fang spicy hot pot become a popular delicacy, delicious and healthy, and won a lot of consumers, if businesses want to open a store of incense pot, magic pan Fang spicy hot pot is a good choice.

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