How to become a strong province in Qinghai Province

Xi Jinping, general secretary of Qinghai ecological protection work has made important instructions on many occasions, in August 2016 the province inspection pointed out that "important and special ecological status of Qinghai", "Sanjiang to protect the source, to protect the" Chinese water tower ", is a major responsibility of Qinghai duty, shall not be any mishap."

in the face of the future, Qinghai ecological protection as a strategic priority.

so, how will we be the patron saint, is a good "green account", take the "green road" and the "green card", the major requirements of the promotion of ecological and environmental protection "into practical work, and strive to achieve the transformation from small province economy to ecological province, ecological province. Province two sessions, the provincial development and Reform Commission from the top-level design, the main functional area planning, to build a national ecological security barrier and other aspects of the depth of interpretation.

top-level design –

determine the ecological civilization construction roadmap timetable

Party Central Committee and the State Council "on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization ecological civilization Reform Opinions" "overall plan" issued, our province has developed "on the implementation of < the CPC Central Committee and State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization on > the implementation of" opinions "of the CPC Qinghai Provincial People’s Government of Qinghai province the implementation of < the ecological civilization reform of the State Council of the central overall plan of > the implementation of the views of" Qinghai province "first district ecological civilization construction annual work points" and the ecological civilization construction of key program division of tasks and a series of documents, make overall plans and arrangements for the work of the province of ecological civilization construction, the formation of a complete propulsion system, determine to promote the construction of ecological civilization of the road map and timetable. Ecological protection and construction work to further promote the construction of ecological civilization into institutionalized, standardized and scientific track.

multi rule one –

fully implement the main functional area planning

according to the State encourages county "gauge" pilot work of the spirit of our province in Golmud, Qilian, to determine Henan, Guide, Dulan, Haiyan, mutual aid and other places to carry out urban and rural construction, land use, ecological environment protection "gauge" planning pilot work, explore the establishment from the general to the space planning the local, top-down organic unity, significant progress has been made in the current pilot. In 1 towns in 20 counties of the national main functional area planning of key ecological function areas in Hainan, Huangnan, Haibei, Haixi, Golog, Yushu, required to carry out the negative list preparation industry access, and through the relevant ministries and commissions of the state of the joint trial. The Research Report on the index system and technical methods of monitoring and early warning system for the carrying capacity of resources and environment in Qinghai province has been completed.

overall promotion –

to build a national ecological security barrier

further promote major ecological protection and restoration projects, increase efforts to protect the natural ecosystem, to build a national ecological security barrier. Sanjiang source of ecological protection to accelerate the two phase of the project, has completed the vote;

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