Tourist season Xining airport passenger is expected to over one million

In August 7, the province’s tourist season, Xining airport also ushered in the peak of Shuyun, in order to ensure the normal passenger travel, Xining airport encrypted routes, is expected within 62 days, to complete transport movements 8516 sorties, transporting passengers reached 1032981 passengers.

in order to ensure capacity, in July, the airline will open or encrypt a number of routes. China Southern Airlines will launch 4 aircraft overnight at Xining airport capacity, the implementation of the Xining – Shenzhen, Xining – Hangzhou, Xining – Pudong, Xining – Nanjing, Xining – Guangzhou, Xining – Xi’an, Xining – Wuhan – Xiamen route, the newly opened Dalian – Shijiazhuang – Xining – Xining – Dunhuang route, Changsha, restoration of Dalian – Taiyuan – Xining route, and encryption Zhengzhou – Xining route; Xiamen Airlines in Xining airport on the 1 overnight capacity, the implementation of the Xiamen – Wuhan – Xining route, Xining – Hangzhou route and encryption; Shandong Airlines opened a new Qingdao – Shijiazhuang – Xining route; auspicious air encryption Pudong – Xining route; Sichuan Airlines Xining – Kunming route recovery. According to the Beijing airport flight time shortage, encryption is very difficult, since July, Air China, China Southern Airlines in Beijing – Xining route will also operate the A330 wide body aircraft to ease the traffic pressure on Beijing direction during shuyun.


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