District leaders Bayi army troops condolences

the afternoon of July 26th, in the "81 Army Day approaching, district four team leaders in the Han Xianghui district under the leadership of greeting with the three hundred thousand people’s army, were divided into four groups to visit the area in 96371, 96373, 96374 troops and ten troops, for the troops sent mutton, fruit and condolence payments totaling 8 yuan and holiday wishes. At the same time, I sincerely thank the Garrison for its contribution to the construction of the north area and the maintenance of social stability. In regards to the armed police detachment, the mayor Han Xianghui detailed understanding of the relevant circumstances, the majority of the officers and men of the life and work of the difficulties and problems of construction equipment, Han Chang also to the armed police detachment of a brigade camp, playground and dormitory a detailed view of the army, when learned detachment life at present construction conditions are relatively poor. Let the District Civil Affairs Bureau sent a condolence gold ten thousand yuan. For the detachment of officers and men to learn, work and life to make a thin force. Condolences group deputy head of
in the soldiers and officers of the district government for years to support the construction of the army, for the army out to express my heartfelt thanks and said all the officers and men as in the past the mission, as the station for home, and local heart, provide strong guarantee for the local construction.


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