21 problems are rectification

"evening news" a city of polished windows play the role of public opinion in action ", the release of positive energy, promote the improvement of all aspects of work, ideas and practices should be fully affirmed…… Media criticized the timely and effective rectification. Media criticism of the topic to continue to keep a close eye, follow up until rectification in place." Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo recently issued a window on the city’s actions to create a big window instructions. In recent days, the evening news sent 8 reporters continue to conduct unannounced visits to various service windows, and exposed a number of uncivilized phenomena and behavior, as of now, there are 21 issues were completely rectification. Xining evening news Polish window action continues, as long as you find Xining which service window there are uncivilized behavior, please bid to us in a timely manner, the hotline 0971-8230541, 18609719583, 13709725150, 13909716998, 13897209765, QQ330130914, 2313207298, or log on to the Xining evening news official in micro-blog.

  all damaged street lamps were replaced by the two Lane Street West Street damage was reported, the relevant departments in a timely manner to repair the damaged street lamp. It is understood that, due to the spring wind, the lampshade is seriously damaged, so the maintenance personnel on the street lamp shade were replaced, white and neat street lights for the two lanes to add a lot of luster. Site garbage is cleared but not completely on the construction site of the North Street construction waste and domestic waste filled with the situation, the East District authorities have urged the construction unit immediately rectification. When reporters visited the scene to see, the construction site of the roadside garbage has been done the basic clean-up, the road has been cleared out, but the site is not clean enough to clean up, there are still a lot of garbage. Abandoned toilet will "move" reportedly, urged by the relevant departments around the Xishan two lane has been fully abandoned toilet cleaning, unable to repair, so that "environmental protection toilets" environmental pollution will be removed. For a morning after the Xishan Xiang garbage everywhere, area departments have strict regulations in the morning before 10 vendors must withdraw stalls, sanitation cleaning staff cleaning before 10:30, also passers-by a clean environment. The south window is handling "no dumping" sign next to piles of garbage, the market door traffic jams serious, many useless gap road guardrail and traffic light flickering affect traffic…… After a series of window problems were exposed to the south area, causing the city government attaches great importance to. March 27th, the reporter learned from the city government, at present, on a problem, the district leaders have made instructions to supervise the relevant departments to actively carry out rectification. West Railway Station in violation of the provisions of the taxi outage in March 26th published the railway station taxi;

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