How to develop new industries and strengthen the ability of independent innovation in Anhui

Anhui as the central city of our country, with the reform and opening up the economy has made significant progress, but still faces a series of problems, to further the development of Anhui to a higher level, must conform to the trend of the demand, development of new industries and vigorously strengthen the enterprise independent innovation ability, but the specific need to be put in place? "Plan" clearly put forward the future development goals, proposed by 2020, strategic emerging industry output value doubled, and strive to reach 2 trillion yuan.

"innovative modern industrial system initially formed, in the new display, robots, new energy vehicles, modern medicine, bio medicine and other fields built about 10 hundred billion yuan, a major emerging industrial base has an important influence at home and abroad, and built a number of major new industrial engineering in the terahertz chip, environmental monitoring and pollution control, the next generation of robots, high-end CNC machine tools, precision, advanced medical photovoltaic manufacturing and other fields, in computing, quantum communication and quantum drug discovery, nuclear power equipment, gas turbine, virtual reality, intelligent vehicles and other fields built a number of major emerging industries of special."

vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, is to promote the structural reform of the supply side, foster new economic and social development momentum, to achieve the new normal development of an important support for the new." Provincial Development and Reform Commission official said, "" 13th Five-Year "period, is fully completed in the decisive stage of a well-off society, is also an important period of strategic opportunities for the development of strategic emerging industries do, there is an urgent need to strengthen overall planning, aiming at the technological frontier, focusing on key areas, innovative development ideas, improve the quality of development, promote strategic emerging industry to become the driving force of economy social development."

in recent years, focusing on the province’s focus, precise force, strategic emerging industries to achieve a leap forward development, an important engine of economic growth in the province. Strategic emerging industry output value increased from 250 billion 400 million yuan in 2010 to 892 billion 150 million yuan in 2015, an average annual increase of 29%, accounting for the proportion of above scale industrial output value increased from 13.6% to 22.4%, the province’s industrial output growth in the contribution rate of 58%. A new generation of information technology, bio medicine, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection industry output value of over one hundred billion yuan.

accelerate the development of a new generation of information technology and other five industries

"the next 5 years, based on the market prospects, technical reserves and industrial base, accelerate the development and growth of the five major industries of new generation information technology, high-end equipment and new materials, biological and health, green and low-carbon economy, information economy." "Planning" clearly put forward strategic focus.

provincial development and Reform Commission, analysts pointed out that the next 5 to 10 years, is a new technology group burst, a new round of critical depth of the evolution of the industry. From the international level, the process of information revolution sustained and rapid evolution of recommendation

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