240 thousand voting is the gospel of Xining Education

Even Japan, jointly organized by the Xining evening news and the Education Bureau of Xining City, Xining City, the growing influence of social care support education selection activities more, increasingly popular, more and more people vote straight break 200 thousand mark, and some people even from the post office to send express mail vote…… The unprecedented enthusiasm of the public was deeply touched by the members of the organizing committee.

August 23rd, City Education Bureau Guan Xinmin in an interview with reporters, said: "sincere thanks to the Xining evening news! Sincere thanks to the good people who have long been concerned about the support of Xining education! Sincere thanks to the long-term care and support of the community of good education in Xining! Sincerely thank you for your long-term support for Xining education! Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation in the education and support of the community! I firmly believe that, with your concern and support, Xining will be more and more people satisfied with the school, the people’s satisfaction with the goal of education can also be achieved. As the educator, we will use the concept of refinement, try to run every school, teach every student, great trust of the people of the city."

moved more than the organizing committee members, many people have been moved. In recent days, mail or personally to the newspaper to send votes to the public in an endless stream, call the hotline praised the selection activities are also one after another. The morning of August 20th, the 72 year old citizen Yan Yonglin to the newspaper to find a reporter, to tell reporters about his concern for Xining to support the educational community selection activities, unfortunately, the reporter is outside the interview…… Yan Yonglin was first published in the newspaper that he wanted to say to the reporter will Huibi wrote down: "the Xining evening news, the city Bureau of education effort in the selection of care and support education" good citizen "and" community "and" enterprise "and" people are satisfied with the school ‘, this activity is too good! There are so many activities, care and support of Xining education, individual communities and businesses by the public to recommend several one hundred thousand candidates to the enthusiasm of the people to vote, this is undoubtedly the Xining education and the people of the city of the gospel, Xining education will enter into the forefront of Northwest region…… Xining to create a civilized city, is to grab from the doll, see Xining education is getting better and better, there are more and more people and units concerned about the support, I am happy for our Xining dolls are happy."

dear fellow citizens, Xining city social support educational activities have been voting in August 20 sunset under the curtain, because the public to send ballots as many as 13 sacks, the subsequent vote still sent by the Organizing Committee of the Everfount, human can not statistics, in August 21st, the organizing committee will have to vote for automobile to assist Kawa Ni, statistics the number of votes a teacher from the school. The number of votes for each candidate are counted according to the number of votes, the organizing committee will elect candidates from high to low "good citizen", "community" and "excellent enterprise", "people are satisfied with the school in the top 10 as subjects, and accept social supervision in the" Xining Evening News "and the Xining municipal education online publicity week. Activity consulting Tel: 0971-4393017. (by boat)


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