The Central Commission for Discipline nspection adhere to the zero distance liberating principle t

from the beginning of May this year, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, adhere to the people-oriented, zero distance liberating principle, to the discipline committee petition reception day system as a platform, 15 per month and 30 days by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection secretary and Deputy Secretary to take turns visiting the reception, listen to the opinions of the masses, face to face the recommendations and requirements of hot and difficult problems on-site masses urgently for the people to solve problems need to be resolved.
liberating, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection to the receivers, package case, the implementation of the three measures, to ensure the problems and issues pieces secured, all the results". This is not only convenient for people visiting, and quickly and effectively solve difficulties and problems of the masses, timely resolve contradictions, straighten out the relationship between the cadres and the masses played a good role in promoting, praise of the masses, the masses are called "the Easy Access". In recent years, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection to take effective measures to continuously improve and perfect the working mechanism, strengthen the reporting work, increase efforts to investigate the letters and reports pieces of efforts in the smooth petition reporting channels efforts in reporting oversight efforts, improve the petition piece settles efficiency, and effectively solve the outstanding problems petition the masses, maintain social harmony and stability.


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