Reduce the cost of circulation to protect the market supply of Xining implementation of agricultural

provincial capital of Xining to carry out the "agriculture super docking" pilot work, eliminating the intermediate links to vegetable plantations directly into the supermarket sales, intended to stabilize the market price of agricultural products, reduce the cost of circulation of agricultural products, to guarantee market supply, promote the construction of agricultural products circulation system.

reporter learned from the business sector, the "agriculture super docking" after the pilot started from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013, 5 pilot enterprises have sales base docking vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products 9680.53 tons, the sales amount of 20 million 676 thousand and 700 yuan, mainly Chinese cabbage, green peppers, yellow melon, melon, radish, celery, chrysanthemum and other 24 the above varieties. The provincial capital docking supermarket Qinghai Hui Hakka Supermarket Co. Ltd., Beijing Hualian Supermarket Qinghai branch, Haining Green Food Group Co., Ltd., grand department store in Qinghai Sheng Qing plateau Vegetable Development Co., Ltd. 5. At present, 5 pilot enterprises have been with the Ledu agriculture, HSBC Xining, Qinghai Hui Tian 7 agricultural production base, cooperatives signed a contract of purchase and sale of fresh agricultural products.

agricultural super docking pilot to reduce the cost of procurement and circulation of supermarkets, reducing the price of vegetables. Recently, in Qinghai Hualian Supermarket garden shop reporter saw the agricultural super docking sales of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables are lower than the farmers market price of 10-15%. Pilot enterprises have built their own distribution centers, enterprises docking of agricultural products processing, sorting, packaging, distribution and other work in its own distribution center, to further reduce the cost of circulation, actually lower the prices of vegetables.

the next trade and circulation enterprises will be with the provincial capital, Haidong and foreign agricultural production base, professional cooperatives signed a solid purchase and sale of fresh agricultural contracts, the establishment of long-term cooperative relations. Expand the number, production and acquisition of agricultural products, enhance the quality, brand, guarantee the quantity and quality of agricultural super docking docking "fresh products such as vegetables and fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products to meet the supermarket business demand and the consumer demand of the public, to reduce the prices of vegetables in our province. (author: Mi Qiao)

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