Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of the special inspection work

7 month 14 days, 15 days, the provincial people’s Congress Deputy Director Su Ning group, part of the organization of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial people’s Congress, provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department special inspection session of the five provincial people’s Congress twelve suggestions for the work.

inspection group to inspect the construction of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, national seed potato seed resources, for the people in the lobby, elderly day care center, listened to the two units on behalf of the situation report and recommendations for a meeting. Through access to information, face to face inquiry, communication and other means, to further do a good job on behalf of the recommendations put forward opinions and suggestions.

Su Ning pointed out that the provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to respect the dominant position of deputies, handle, take the initiative to apply for work better in accordance with the law, through recommendations, boosting the Huimin policy implementation, the long-term development of science and technology, boosting the civil affairs of.

Suning stressed on behalf of the proposal to do to represent good to mention, the unit to run the two unity. To enhance learning, in-depth research, understand the situation, grasp the situation, grasp the truth, put forward suggestions of high quality affects the stability of reform and development. Contractors should further improve the system, so that the responsibility is more clear, more standardized procedures for the implementation of institutional mechanisms to protect the role of regulation. To take the initiative to strengthen ties with representatives of departments, collaboration, will handle the work as to promote the work of the exchange and accept on behalf of supervision, listen to the voice of the masses, solve development problems, to promote the effective way to carry out the work.


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