Tsinghua University this year enrollment in the youth 17

Since June 24th, Tsinghua University, Qinghai admissions counseling will be fully launched. Tsinghua University in Qinghai this year enrollment of 17 people, including 2 liberal arts, science 15, involving economic and financial (international class), humanities experimental classes, civil engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering, vehicle engineering, electrical engineering and automation, electronic information, aerospace chemical engineering, material engineering, these subjects were from the arts, science and engineering disciplines, in which multiple subjects ranked in the 2015 international competitions in the world, QS, 20. In mainland China in 2015, the QS discipline evaluation of the three universities from the top of the world’s top 9 disciplines, of which the 7 disciplines from Tsinghua University.According to Dr.

Second, admissions consulting more accurate. The consultation will cover all the needs of the candidates to fill volunteer, candidates fill volunteer accuracy, science will be greatly improved. We are committed to the candidates to provide more accurate guidance, specific to how many points can be recorded on a professional, do not, do let candidates know the line (Tsinghua University admission line), position (in qualifying candidates in the examination of Tsinghua University), professional knowledge (may be admitted and professional ranking suggestions). According to reports, last year, the Tsinghua University in Qinghai to recruit candidates admitted to the first line of professional satisfaction rate reached 100%.

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