Qinghai Grand Theater trial business perfect end

the evening of September 10th, China’s famous Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the Qinghai Grand Theatre offer the audience a wonderful symphony performances, this is the last show 500 million yuan investment in the Qinghai theater after the completion of trial operation, the end of the trial business performance means it is about to begin operation. Provincial Party committee, Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Department of the United Front Work Department Dorje Geltan, municipal committee, publicity minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, together with the masses of the people to enjoy the performance of the night with the fun of Wang Haihong.

listen to the heartbeat of art, the thoughts back to the unforgettable passion years. The night of the show attracted many viewers, 800 people in the music hall almost the whole show constantly exciting, All seats are occupied., won the audience’s applause. The Grand Theatre in Qinghai music hall, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has performed the opera "Carmen" the second act "," Intermezzo Slavonic Dance No. tenth, "Pere Aas and Sander" Cecilia merry dance, "village Knight", "Intermezzo" Sargent Bayle · the first suite of "Annette dance", Buenos Aires four seasons, Hungarian Dance No. 1, "Kang Kang dance" and other tracks.

It is reported that the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is one of the earliest established and widely influential professional music groups in and is the birthplace of Chinese symphony. The love story in folk for more than 1 thousand and 460 years, is known to every family, the spread of far-reaching, known as love poetic masterpiece through the ages. Since ancient times, there are countless people by the tragic love Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai infection. On the night of the performance of the Violin Concerto "the Butterfly Lovers" from wonderful, won the audience applause lasting.


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