The province’s courts from May 1st will be synchronized with the national implementation of the regi

April 27th, the Provincial Higher People’s court held the province’s court registration system reform will promote the deployment of the National People’s court in May 1st will be synchronized with the implementation of the registration system reform.

implementation of the registration system reform is one of the key tasks of system of judicial reform, to fully protect the litigation rights of the parties, from the system, the source to solve the strong masses of people filing difficult problem is very important. The high court to mobilize all police officers to unify their thinking, actively support and participate in the registration system reform, the people’s court should accept the case according to law, to ensure there will be the case, there will be complaints, in order to protect the right of litigants. Asked the courts to firmly grasp the content of the relevant provisions of the registration system, except in accordance with the provisions of the registration filing of the case, the court shall not carry out substantive review of the prosecution, as long as the conditions of admissibility of the case in accordance with the law, be registered.

high court asked the courts to increase public efforts on the scope and conditions of registration, publicity, public registration procedures and processes, strengthen the guidance of litigation, improve the registration efficiency, correct the problem of filing process excessive examination, artificial obstacles etc.. Comprehensive clean-up and correct examination, the defendant qualification will be over can served as filing conditions, the court filing, the end of the month between mutually making excuses for not filing, payment of litigation procedures issued by the materials do not conform to the legal provisions of the "local policies". To increase discipline and supervision, strictly implement the responsibility of the case can not stand, delay in filing, filing, "is not the end of the artificial control case" according to discipline violations, serious accountability related personnel and competent leadership. Consciously accept the external supervision on filing violations in registration, in accordance with the law for serious discipline. Serious consequences or adverse social impact, constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

will also further strengthen the province’s court filing window construction, comprehensively promote the construction of Litigation Service Center, the establishment of litigation service hall, litigation services network, 12368 hotline "three-in-one" comprehensive litigation convenient service platform. Actively explore online booking filing, telephone filing, filing and other convenient measures to maximize the realization of justice for the people, so that the window becomes a real people and the court’s heart to heart bridge".


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