The provincial quality award Conference

11 15, the Qinghai provincial quality award conference held in Xining. Governor Hao Peng Award for quality award enterprises and speech. Kuang Yong presided over the meeting, Wang Liming read the decision.

Hao Peng in his speech, first of all, congratulations on winning the enterprise, the first session of the quality of the General Assembly held in 2014 since the quality of the work of the province affirmed. He said that over the past two years, the province on the quality of the province around the goal of deepening the reform, innovation and development, quality development steadily, brand driven strategy has achieved remarkable results, basic technology ability continues to consolidate, to promote the transition of industrial upgrading, boost economic and social development and make a positive contribution. He pointed out that the quality of the development is the base power, and the foundation of this transformation, we must firmly establish the new concept of development, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, in accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the work of Qinghai "four solid major requirements, in-depth implementation of quality strategy, strengthen the construction of" determination and confidence the quality of Qinghai ", to make" quality of Qinghai "and" beauty of Qinghai "each other, provide important support and guarantee for the quality of our province to promote the supply side structural reform.

on the next step to do the work of the province’s quality, Hao Peng made a request, we must adhere to quality first, and steadily promote the quality of the province strategy. Conscientiously implement the provincial government issued the "on the full implementation of the quality of the province strategy", to enhance the product quality, engineering quality, environmental quality and service quality, to achieve the goals and tasks of the quality of Qinghai construction schedule, and constantly improve the quality of Qinghai to build brand awareness, reputation and credibility, enhance the characteristics and advantages of the province product competitiveness and market share. Two to adhere to quality, give full play to the main role of enterprises. From the strict liability, enterprises to improve the management level, strengthen the sense of quality, social responsibility and other aspects, stimulate the enterprises to improve the quality of promoting the transformation of the internal driving force of development, constantly set good image of the state and the society, the masses of the people responsible. Three to adhere to the safety oriented, strict implementation of quality and safety supervision. Seize the quality and safety of the people’s livelihood security base, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, increase the punishment, highlighting the regulatory focus, strengthen cooperation, resolutely safeguard the quality and safety of the bottom line, and constantly improve the quality and safety of the people’s sense of the masses. Four to adhere to consolidate the foundation, effectively improve the quality and technical support. Give full play to the basic role of measurement, the leading role of standards, certification and accreditation benchmark role, inspection and testing support role, so that the quality and technical basis to serve the economic and social development more effectively. Fifth, to make concerted efforts to create a good atmosphere of quality work. Further unite to work together, innovation management, promote the quality of culture, organize and mobilize all social forces broad participation, to create a good atmosphere for everyone to pay attention to quality, create quality, everyone enjoy the quality, promote economic and social development in our province entered the "era of quality".

according to the "management approach" quality award of Qinghai Province, Chinese of water conservancy and hydropower Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Qing Haihua Ding heavy machine tool limited liability company awarded the second Qinghai Provincial Quality Award, the Xining bus station, Xining water (group);

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