Xining leveraging thematic study to solve the problem of development

Xining city in the "study three real" special education of three topics, the party’s leading cadres, their roles and responsibilities in the reform and development of the city’s swing, actually put into it, and enhance awareness of the problem, all kinds of problems which restrict the city’s economic and social development on the table, in-depth discussions, seek countermeasures, and achieved remarkable results.

in Xining municipal three strict three special education "strict right to use" the first seminar, municipal leaders around the "strict right to use" on the floor, and focus on improving the planning standards, serious planning and management to discuss the main theme, the members to speak, put questions, talk about ideas and thoughts. A careful study of the planning and construction of power operation, the concept of rule of law, rule consciousness and play as the prominent problems and improvement measures from the main road along the street space city image, city building style, city planning and cultural aspects of positive suggestions, clear direction, the formation of a consensus.

in learning while the investigation and reform, Xining has established the "four" list, the leading bodies and leading cadres lax false "problem list," the construction of people’s livelihood issues list, special education in the attention of the masses "lax false" problem list, the mass line of educational practice in continuous rectification of the problem list. Issued by the rectification of the city to remind the card, the form of notification in the form of a half a month to urge the implementation of the rectification, to ensure that the rectification of the problem there are initiatives, pieces of echo, everything see results.  

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