The province’s first micro film contest ended

11 25 in the morning, "mark plateau · share great beauty Qinghai 2016 first micro film competition awards ceremony held in our city, micro film" holy love "won the first prize," dream "and" Ecological Barracks Guardian "won the two prize," a name called the world "" conscience "" regret "won third-prize," holy love "won the best director award," mushroom diary "won the best creative award," a name called the world "won the Best Cinematography Award, Qinghai National University won the outstanding organization award.

it is understood that the "mark · plateau; share the big beauty" 2016 Qinghai first micro film contest sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai radio, film and Television Bureau, Qinghai television industry park, Qinghai wide communication co.. The contest received a total of 67 entries from all over the country, which meets the requirements of the micro film contest works of the 24, winning the work of the 6. The first micro film contest, making our province "the construction of ecological civilization, poverty alleviation and economic development in ethnic minority areas in the process of emergence of typical characters and typical deeds on the Internet, the spread of a large number of tv. Micro film contest also convey positive energy, promote the theme, and to explore a number of ideas, passionate and creative film production team and talent training, the Qinghai new film talent, embodies the "Qinghai film power" to the whole world to tell the story of Qinghai, adding luster for the construction and development of Qinghai.

, according to the organizing committee, following the success of the first micro film contest this year, will be held in 2017, the scale is more grand, more excellent quality of the second micro film contest.


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