North shantytowns completed by the end of the levy

To speed up the pace of transformation of the old city, improve the city infrastructure, improve the people’s production and living environment, to eliminate all security risks, the North District Committee and the district government will fully implement state-owned land expropriation and compensation work, to safeguard public interests and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the housing expropriation, promote the smooth implementation of the construction of the city. It is understood that the state-owned land north of the city area housing levy transformation range including road, five road, Menyuan Qaidam area seven by the towns streets, communities, district departments and more than 70 staff consists of 9 working groups, the implementation of the task of transformation of a total of 13864 sets. North District official said, North District levy work difficult, facing the lack of experience and other factors, but in the careful preparation, patience and cooperation under the premise of the current collection work has achieved good results. For the rest of the households were imposed, levied by the Department through the door and sent a lawyer’s letter and so on, continue to promote the signing of the north, and strive to complete the state-owned land expropriation and compensation work in December 31st this year, the shantytowns project can smoothly, according to the law of expropriation, expropriation of sunshine.  

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