Construction of four cities in the eastern part of the speed

Not long ago, the provincial government construction of the eastern city of group work forum, provincial housing and urban construction departments to act quickly, accelerate urban infrastructure, low-income housing, rural housing construction and plateau beautiful countryside, comprehensively promote the process of building the eastern city group.

– urban infrastructure construction: the construction departments of the provincial housing and urban Xining, Haidong city actively guide two compilation of "Xining city drainage (Yu Shui) waterlogging comprehensive planning", "sea east of the core area of the city underground pipe gallery planning", and strive to two cities were included in the national pilot city comprehensive pipe gallery and city life pilot city garbage.

– urban low-income housing construction: to speed up the construction of urban low-income housing in the eastern city of group, the new project started 27 thousand units, to all construction projects. Provincial housing and urban construction department in conjunction with the provincial development and Reform Commission to complete the city’s affordable housing facilities supporting the central budget investment plan 4 billion yuan, of which the eastern city group plans to fight for funds of $2 billion 100 million.

– rural housing construction: in 2014 the eastern city group were arranged in the rural housing construction in Xining City, 43800 households, 15000 households, 28800 households in the East Sea city. Currently, the task is broken down to the county to the township, the implementation of the village to households, some areas have started construction.  

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